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BH Sports Training / BrawlHouse

Do you believe that your greatness is worth fighting for? BrawlHouse does. It is BrawlHouse’s mission to work with its students in helping them achieve their athletic greatness and to harness their achievement as fuel to live their life with purpose, confidence and focus.

BH Sports / Training BrawlHouse was founded with purpose in mind.  The BrawlHouse facility is designed to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to free yourself from distraction so that you can focus on achieving your greatness.

It is BrawlHouse’s philosophy that it takes a holistic approach to help bring out the best of each individual. To do so, we focus on the technical, physical and mental aspects of training. We develop and nurture the athlete with the highest quality training available.  A strong mind and a strong body are essential if you are going to be able to face your harshest critic…you.

BrawlHouse is a community of driven, goal oriented athletes from youth to senior citizen. Your fellow athletes are there to provide you with the necessary support, friendship and motivation you need.  BrawlHouse takes a personal interest in each athlete, regardless of ability…if you have the desire and are committed to achieving your stated goal, then BrawlHouse is committed to helping you.

BrawlHouse specializes in bringing the highest level of technical training to wrestling, Brazilian ji-jitsu (BJJ), CrossFit, mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing / cardio-boxing, strength, stretch & flexibility (SSF Elite) , yoga, sport specific functional training, personal training and injury prevention (FLO SSA), muay thai, kickboxing / cardio-kickboxingcorpsfit and bootcamp.


Why The Name?

Why the name BrawlHouse? The answer is simple.  We believe that anything in life that is worth achieving is worthy of a fight… “Brawl”.  The best way to make it happen is to have a support system in place at a location you feel comfortable in…”House”.

BrawlHouse Mission Statement

BrawlHouse’s mission is to work with its students in helping them achieve their athletic greatness and teach them to harness their athletic achievement as fuel to live their life with power, purpose, confidence and focus.

BrawlHouse Core Values

BrawlHouse operates under the guide of 5 core values.

Our athletes believe in:

  1. The benefits and appreciation of hard work
  2. Perseverance in accepting both winning and losing
  3. The ability to function as a member of a team
  4. The importance of goal setting
  5. Living their life with a high level of ethical conduct and personal integrity


BrawlHouse Commitment to the Athlete

BrawlHouse is committed to providing each athlete with the coaching, instruction and moral support needed to work towards, achieving and maintaining one’s athletic goal.

BrawlHouse specializes in providing a holistic approach to achieve each athlete’s desired goal. BrawlHouse develops programs that include:  functional cross training, non-traditional training in addition to mental strengthening and nutritional support.

We take pride in educating our athletes’ caregivers on the nuances of competing in physical sports.  Our culture strives to help our students grow both physically and emotionally.  BrawlHouse instills life habits that allows our athletes to lead better and healthier lives.

BrawlHouse Social Mission

BrawlHouse believes in the power of healthy living and as operates with a social mission.

  • BrawlHouse partners with the surrounding community to offer free specialized programs to seniors, those suffering physical handicaps and the economically challenged.
  • BrawlHouse believes that elite level instruction and personal development should be driven by individual will and not hampered by socio-economic status.